A fragrant, lightweight, moisturising, 100% organic,British Pharmacopoeia grade* coconut oil – your everything balm.


Even though coconut oil has been used for centuries as a traditional food, medicine and cosmetic throughout the tropics, it is recently being recognised in this part of the world, as a superfood and super ingredient, from the shelves of your favourite organic food store, to major supermarket chains, to high-street beauty retailers. It is solidly in the spotlight and in demand.
While both fans and detractors never agree on the benefits of the exotic ingredient, people often ask us, “so what is all the fuss about your “pricey” coconut oil?”  “Is it any different from that big jar we can get at Wholefoods for less?”
The fact is there are different grades of coconut oil and many reasons why you should avoid using cooking oil type coconut oil on your skin (even if it's virgin oil). Instead, we recommend using Dr Jackson’s well-researched and tested British pharmacopeia grade product. It’s more stable, won’t turn rancid, is less greasy to the touch, good for the face – if your skin is very dry. It is deeply moisturising as a lip balm,  great for use on hair and nails, to remove makeup, and always a favourite amongst celebrities, beauty editors and makeup artists.
Raw coconut oil - extracted at the source, can turn rancid fast, then there is culinary grade (ie: the one in your pantry) which is full of long-chain fatty acids - a bit like butter, not very stable and can turn rancid as well, if exposed to sunlight and high temperatures – none of us want that smell on our skin or hair.                                                                                                         
Most of the coconut oil on the market is refined which provides very few of the good benefits our organic and unrefined ingredient brings to your skin and hair.
Dr Jackson’s coconut oil contains glycerides and fatty acids which  soothe, repair and even delay the development of wrinkles - alongside antioxidant vitamin E, linoleic and lauric acid - which are great anti-pollutants for battling bacteria.
It is also a great conditioner, strengthening the hair by easily penetrating the structure of the hair stem.
Benefits and Uses
Firstly, it’s important to understand your skin type when introducing coconut oil into your skincare routine.
Coconut Oil is comedogenic, so for those with very dry or sensitive skin, it could be beneficial due to its skin-sealing capability. It’s a great ingredient to protect from trans-epidermal water loss (TEWL). Fatty acids in coconut oil help protect and nourish the skin providing a barrier control that help us lock in our own moisture and prevent dryness.
Those with oily or acne prone skin, should avoid using it as a face moisturiser and instead apply a small amount, sufficient just to illuminate the cheekbones and bring glow to your face.
You can also apply our 04 Coconut Melt all over your body to nourish that dry skin – courtesy of the heaters, during the winter months, or after a day at the sea during the summer.
As a makeup remover, coconut oil is an excellent natural ingredient that helps break down lipid-soluble impurities from makeup, as well as remove sebum, which is responsible for oily skin.
So, if you are in the oily skin type group or wear makeup, we recommend using our 04 Coconut Oil  as your initial cleanse, then follow with our gentle, water-based and sulphate-free 07 Face Wash to complete your cleansing routine and enjoy the sensation of skin that feels  purified, refined and hydrated.
The naturally aromatic coconut oil, will also nurture dry, porous or damaged hair, that comes with constant colouring, heat or extended sun exposure, bringing it back to its optimum condition. Use it as a pre-shampoo treatment to soothe, hydrate and repair. Leave it in for at least an hour to let it really sink in and penetrate your hair stem.
This ‘everything’ balm, will be the perfect natural remedy for chapped lips – Throw away those petroleum-based products – they are bad for the planet and very bad for you!                                                              
Coconut oil creates a thin but effective barrier that keeps water in and irritants out, on top of that it tastes delicious on your lips.
It’s kind and safe on babies’ tender skin, too, and protects from the nappy rash.
Use it on dry cuticles and nails, or to restore dry feet, heels and elbows ahead of the summer holidays.


Product details

- 100% Organic British Pharmacopeia grade certified, unrefined coconut oil

- Gentle on sensitive skin

-Editor’s Choice winner at The Beauty Shortlist Awards and at The Beauty Shortlist Mama & Baby Awards 2019

-Presented in a 200 mL glass jar, the perfect addition to your bathroom cabinet

-For those always on-the-go, the 15 mL glass, is the perfect travel companion 

-Texture: lightweight and smooth. Coconut oil naturally liquifies and solidifies in response to changes in temperature, we recommend storing this product in a cool place and refrigerating at temperatures above 23 °C /74°F. Normal variations in texture may occur according to these changes without affecting its beneficial properties

-Keep in a sealed liquid-proof bag when travelling as the product naturally liquifies and solidifies in response to changes in temperature. 

-Fragrance: a tropical fruity-nutty sweet note; exotic and warm relaxing scent

-Packaging: recyclable carboard, no glue, no plastic wrappers, no foil printing – our packaging is intended to be recycled, repurposed or sent back to nature.

-Vegan, Organic and Cruelty-Free certified

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What 04 Coconut Melt’s fans say:

“Coconut Melt does a super job removing eye makeup for those of us with sensitive eyes and suffer with allergy issues. It’s great on my elbows too. I love my Dr Jackson’s products though Coconut Melt is my favourite.” -Sandra 

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