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Once upon a (recent) time, we applied our fragrant 02 Night Cream and slowly sipped our freshly brewed cup of Relax Tea, preparing ourselves for a deeply restful slumber; then, some eight hours and many sweet dreams later, we woke to discover the world had completely changed, and so had our lives.

Most of us weren’t born or trained for social distancing, self-isolation, individual confinement or time alone. Whichever way you choose to phrase it, the idea of being set apart from our family, friends, colleagues and the world is alarming and can, at times, be scary, too. As the coronavirus outbreak continues to spread around the globe, it seems like social isolation is here to stay for a good while.

From scientists to doctors and nurses, to WHO leaders and governments, they are all requesting our cooperation to STAY HOME - the agreed most effective way of preventing or slowing the coronavirus from spreading - unless it is our job to help save lives, protect the most vulnerable or provide essential services.

While social distancing in these times can help preserve our physical health, the loneliness it brings can affect our mental health.  So how can we find balance in our new way of life, acknowledging the fact that we may need to stay in for an extended period of time - to protect ourselves from contracting the virus or passing it to others - while at the same time controlling anxiety and keeping our heads sane?

During these difficult times of imposed social isolation, we need more than ever to nurture our brains and find creative ways to connect with one another and inspire hope for the future.

We have done our homework, researching the best ways to survive these unprecedented times in history – the era of Covid-19 – and here we share some tips and great activities you can do at home – individually or with your family.

Wake Up!

Remember that your current new lifestyle won’t last forever – so wake up every morning at your usual time and plan your day as close to your daily routine as possible in this strange period of life. If you are working from home, get dressed for work – no pyjamas! If you normally workout at the gym, start doing your best exercises from your living room floor.

Plan your Day / Week

Whether it’s on your phone, laptop or old style notebook, organise your schedule for the day or the week as much as you can. Allow flexibility, as all we have for certain right now is uncertainty.

Stop watching the news 24/7

While it is important to stay informed on what’s happening around us and follow the advice on how to protect ourselves and prevent the spread of coronavirus, or cope with it if we already experience the symptoms, being on top of the news and social media at all times can only increase stress levels and create more anxiety. Switch off from the news and focus on your work, or the activity you had planned in your schedule.

Drink more Relax Tea

Our award-winning organic blend of calming natural ingredients is based on a time-honoured German pharmacopoeia recipe - valerian root, lemon balm and other feel-good ingredients have traditionally been used to relieve feelings of stress or anxiety, helping you to stay calm throughout the day or improve the night-time for those restlessness among us struggling with sleepless nights. Give it a try here

Call your Friends and Family
Hearing your voice, and sharing daily life moments on a video call makes all the difference.

Volunteer for the NHS or a charity

We are all in this together and are extremely grateful for the courage and hard work of scientists, doctors, nurses, and workers in all sorts of industries out there on the frontlines, 24/7, doing all they can to support, protect, and save lives in the midst of this terrible pandemic.

We have seen an immediate change in our collective behaviour as we, as a society, actually step in to work collectively and cohesively to do all we can at this time to help the less fortunate and the most vulnerable.

Our NHS has called for volunteers in a wide range of areas, from driving, to packing, to delivering food, medication or equipment, to helping as a telephone ‘check in and chat’ volunteer. Find out more here: NHS Volunteer Responder

Charities such as the Trussell Trust food bank network, have set up their own online schemes to match volunteers with food banks in their area. You can get involved no matter your skills or location by checking local volunteer centres and organisations such as Volunteering Matters and Do-it which can link you up with charities close to where you live. Reach Volunteering will match people with specialist professional skills, such as IT expertise, to charities who need their help.

Walk or run

Remember - if you are allowed a short escape out of the house to exercise - walk or run in the park nearby, enjoy the nature, but keep sufficient distance from the others.

Look inside your fridge and cupboard and plan your menus

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This is a good time to make the best use of all those ingredients that have been in your cupboard and freezer, waiting for that free time that never arrives to cook something special with them. Bring them out and be creative. You can do a quick online search or look into your recipe books to turn them into something delicious.

Here we share some delicious recipes from fusion cuisine star chef Peter Gordon: Chicken Veggie Soup ,  Expedition Poached Pears or Expedition Tea infused chocolate truffles

Learn something new

Now is the time to be curious and to explore new ideas. Whether you always wanted to test your ability for baking, your talent for writing, learn a new language or improve your business skills, there are infinite possibilities in online courses, many of them allowing you a trial period. Give it a whirl, there is much more to gain than to lose.

Update your Spotify playlist and dance

When was the last time you discovered a new band, went through all the tracks from the latest release of your favourite new artist or danced your favourite tunes on your own?... Turn up the volume, sing out loud and dance your heart out!

Empty your wardrobe

We all have those pieces at the back of our wardrobe that we bought in an unconscious moment, or that the time when they were our favourites has long been over. Take them out, classify them into bags or boxes and have them ready to donate to charities such as Cancer Research UK or Shelter where your contribution will be appreciated and be important for others.

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Read that book

Whether it’s the new author you recently discovered or the books you have let pile up, with no holidays coming soon to pack for, there’s no better time to enjoy reading than right now.

Films and popcorn

We are lucky to be living in the era of great cinema delivered to you, no matter your location. From the comfort of your sofa, or lying in bed, entertainment is at your fingertips… Netflix, Curzon Home Cinema and many others offer new dramas, the new season of your favourite series and indie or cult films, the choice is yours.

Make sure you keep a stock of corn in your cupboard to pop as needed.

Call your best friends again

Let them feel the love and know that no matter the social distancing, you are still close.

Ask them about their day, life, dog… recommend the best film you’ve seen so far, let them know that you can’t wait for this unexpected situation to be over, to meet for a glass of champagne or go together to a favourite restaurant.

Wash your hands again – then moisturise your skin

Yes, once more, wash your hands and face, follow applying Dr Jackson’s 02 Night Cream - fragrant and packed with nutrient-reach botanicals to nourish your skin and refine those fine lines in your sleep.

Enjoy a cup of Relax Tea before bedtime and get ready for the traveling you’re doing now ~ in your sweet dreams!

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