Dr Jackson was a specialist in melanoma during his time at the Department of Dermatology at King’s College, where he researched ingredients that had special healing properties for the skin. This is how our products came to be based on the principles of pharmacognosy: the study of natural medicines derived from plants and their traditional uses.
Drawing on a combined 30+ years of leading scientific research between Dr Jackson and Dr Bystrom, we formulate products that care for the skin in the most natural and effective way possible, with extra benefits for problem or sensitive skin.
All of our ingredients are rigorously tested in the lab to ensure the utmost purity, as well as being ethically sourced. Our formulations are free from parabens, sulphates, artificial fragrances or any synthetic ingredients that wouldn’t be kind to your skin.

Alongside our skincare products, our range of organic herbal tea blends perfectly complements our philosophy of achieving the perfect balance in inside/outside beauty; after all, what we consume is just as important as what we apply to our skin.